Every new blogger faces a very major problem, and the problem is to find perfect niche for your blog.

I have also faced the same problem in my starting days of blogging.

There are many reasons for considering a niche as a wrong one for blogging about it. Either you’re not passionate about it or you have not enough knowledge about it. You can’t make enough money in the niche. I am not talking about a hundred bucks or a thousand bucks. I am talking about millions of dollars.

When you choose a niche for your blog and spend a lot of money and time in blogging about it but after a year or so you realized that its a wrong niche for your blog.

So, before starting your blog, find perfect niche for your blog. Now a question may be stricken in your mind that “Whats perfect niche for my blog”. then Don’t worry when I am here.

In this article, I will be guiding you how you can choose a perfect niche for your blog. I am going to show you some questions you need to ask about your blogging niche along with some ideas and tips that will help you in choosing the right niche for your blog.

How To Find  Perfect Niche To Blog About

The number one mistake that newbies or even experienced bloggers do is choosing the wrong niche for their blog. There are two situations that are results of choosing the wrong niche.

Situation 1

The bloggers pick the niche that they love to blog about but they are not aware of the thing that there is no money in that niche. After a few months or years, they found that the niche is not going to bring food to their table or can’t live their life with it.

I know that it will be fulfilling. But believe me or not, the money is the most important thing in our life, it’s about impossible to live without it.

Situation 2

If someone picks a niche and decides to blog on it, just for profit. I bet that the blogger would be out of love to blogging and gets demotivated after few months or year.

What to do about it?

If you decided to jump in the field of blogging, then it’s my duty to guide you through finding the right niche for your blog.

Passion – Choose the niche in which you’re passionate about. Because, if you’ve no love for your blog niche, you’ll definitely get demotivated and leave blogging.

Knowledge – If you have a passion for something you must have the knowledge if you have no knowledge about that topic and you’re just copying others posts, then this will drown your blog one day.

Money – Believe me or not, but most of the bloggers do blogging for making money. You should always look out that you can make money on your blog or not.

If you still confused let me explain you briefly.

These are the things you should consider while choosing your blog niche.


Passion - find perfect nicheIf you’re not passionate about your blog’s niche then this is not good decision to go with it.

I would like to tell you that passion is the not only but very important factor of success.

Passion keeps us motivated always. Passion stops us from giving up. It helps us in learning and improving us in a particular niche.

Passion is most important for blogging on a topic. If you’ve less knowledge about something, then that’s not a big problem. If you’ve passion then you can learn it and improve yourself.

This is the first and most important point to find perfect niche for your blog.


Profitability - find perfect niche

Believe or not – Every blogger and creator want to earn profit from their blog as money is important. You can’t live your life without money.

If you’re blogging just as a hobby, then this doesn’t matter for you. But if you want to bring food to your table through blogging. So, before choosing your blog’s niche, you should learn that it is profitable in future or not.

This is a very critical point to find a perfect niche for your blog.


find perfect niche

If you’re passionate about a niche and it’s profitable. Then it’s okay, you can choose that niche and blog about it. But, if you have no knowledge or very less knowledge about it.

You must learn first about it and improve yourself, then you’ll find perfect niche for your blog.

Your Strength

I’ve put this after passion and profit because I know you. If you have passion for your niche and it’s profitable, then you can do anything to be in that niche.

If your strength isn’t very good, but the niche is profitable and you’re passionate about it. Then, you can easily build your strengths in it.

This is also an important point to find perfect niche for your blog.

Niche is too “Niche”

There’s is a dark truth about niche choice is that some niches are just too small to blog about. One day you’ll definitely run out of ideas and not get much traffic to your website.

If you’re already in such niches then you can use Keyword research tools like SEMrush, Long Tail Pro, and Google Keyword Planner. This will give you some ideas of how many people are searching for those particular keywords.

Note: These figures are not exact but just estimated results. So you must check for competitors in your niche. If they exist, then this is a good sign for you.

You can also use these following tools for finding a niche :

Find Perfect Niche

SEMrush (Premium) – SEMrush is the first tool that I use for Keyword research as well as niche research. It also helps us to learn more about our competitors, find out what they’re ranking for and which keywords are being searched for. Recently, Harsh wrote a great review of SEMrush, find out more here.

If you’ve any problem in using SEMrush, I would recommend you to read this full guide by Ravi Dixit.

Long Tail Pro (Premium) – I have uses Long Tail Pro a few months ago and I’m very impressed with its performance. You can add in as many seed keywords you like and set filters to pull out the best keywords.

Google Keyword Planner (free) – It’s a tool that works within Google’s AdWords program, through which you can do Keyword research on the go. It’s the best replacement for the Keyword External Tool but I’m not so impressed of this interface.

Google Trends (free) – Looking out the historic trends for particular keywords is important to get an idea of whether your niche is on the decline, or increasing in popularity. You can do so using this free tool by Google.

So, that being said.

By thinking of your passionate, what strengths are and which niches will be profitable to you. So you can cut out a lot of the disappointment and put yourself in the right way from the scratch.

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